The work that we will do to pursue our aims will be in the form of projects.

Each project will have its own aims and purposes, its own work group made up of interested TodWalkers members , its own timescale, its own connections with the community and possibly its own funding. TodWalkers, through its Committee, and the General Meeting of all of its members, will coordinate, support and assure the quality of all the projects.

Any TodWalkers member can propose a project, and all of the members of TodWalkers are a resource that any project can call on for help. Our current projects are related to the work we need to do to make Todmorden a  Walkers are Welcome town:

 Todmorden Walks Bibliography Project

We are trying to pull together, for publication on the TodWalkers website, a list of all the books which feature walks around or from Todmorden. If you have any books that you really like / use a lot / find difficult or confusing please let us know about them, preferably with a photo of the cover. Email us at

The Accommodation Project

Accommodation in general is in short supply in and around Todmorden. We want to create a register for our website of accommodation that is welcoming to walkers. That might not be all accommodation, so we would like to tap into your knowledge of the places to stay (including your own if you are a provider!) that you would recommend to fellow walkers. Email us at

More Walks Around Todmorden Project

Not withstanding the Bibliography Project above, we would like to collect even more walks around Todmorden, particularly shorter walks. They could be an off-road way of getting somewhere local, or a favourite dog- walking circuit. …we have so many paths here! If you have something to offer, please send a description to us at

Continuing Monitoring Project

As part of our WaW accreditation, we have to show that we are prepared to keep our local paths in good order. We can fix problems, but only if we know about them, so we would urge anyone who encounters a ‘footpaths and obstructions’ problem to let us know so that we can raise it with the appropriate body. Post accreditation, we will publish a more formal programme of annual walk monitoring for the routes in and around Todmorden, and would appreciate any and everyone’s help with that! Email us at

Other projects

  • The T Bus walks project this is now complete.
  • The Website project welcomes any news and information about local walking, particularly if accompanied by pictures. If you have information for this TodWalkers website please contact us at
  • The Directory of walking groups project . TodWalkers is an action group rather than a walking group in the usual sense, and does not normally lead walks. However, we would like to compile, and publish on the website a Directory of walking groups in the Todmorden area so that people can find walking companions and opportunities to lead walks. If you have information or would like to publicize your group, please contact Netty, at
  • Other ideas – Any TodWalkers member can propose a new project – for example, walks for children, or for the less able-bodied, or with a theme. If you have an idea for a new project, please contact Robin, the TodWalkers chair, at then you and the Committee can talk about how you can take it forward.